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Hey, Who's in the Mood for a Chemical Sandwich?!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

There is a mantra that I need for you to understand right now, to repeat as often as neccesary, spray paint on the side of your house or tatoo somewhere visible on your body if you must, and it is this:

"Most health foods are not healthy"

Designer foods and beverages (anything made by man, not God) is a multi-billion dollar business, so when it comes to the marketing of these products, the "truth" is simply an inconveinance that is usually overlooked or buried in misimformation.

You are being duped, big-time. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...


Did you know that the big food corporations employ chemists that add food additives to these foods that create cravings and chemical imbalances, thus overiding your willpower and discipline? Remember the old Lays potato chip commercial; "You can't eat just one!" No sh*t, Sherlock, that's becuase all of the chemicals in the chips just turned you into a virtual Zombie...nice.

And then there's the slick marketing companies they hire to create advertising that preys upon your emotional triggers as well as jumping on whatever nutritional fad is popular at the moment; it makes them appear sensitive to all your nutritional needs! 

A quick run through over the last few decades should begin to show you how crazy it all is: low fat, low sodium, whole grain, low carb, no trans-fat, lactose free and now gluten free. Bottom line? It's all about the money, and understanding, as harsh as this may sound, that they don't care if their stuff makes you sick or kills you...they just want your coin.

So what's the solution? Seek the truth and employ a little common sense. Focus primarily on eating foods that are, or were. alive at one point. If it has to have a label on it telling you how great it is, it probably isn't. Lastly, check out this link to a great list of the seven healthy foods that actually suck ; )

Check Out This Link!

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21 Pullups
10 Snatches 110/75
Max Unbroken Double Unders

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